Pure Excellence

Increased driving power, incredible fuel savings and great bodybuilder friendliness. It all adds up to market-leading transport efficiency. Whether your transport needs are long haul, distribution or construction. Whether you want a rigid or a tractor unit with two, three or four axles. DAF offers the best solution tailored to every application.

  • New xF Lineup

    The New XF

    The benchmark for long-distance transport. Developed for maximum transport efficiency with powerful PACCAR engines, a well thought out chassis, an attractive exterior design and a spacious interior.

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  • New CF Lineup

    The New CF

    A versatile allrounder. The ideal truck for a multitude of applications: from construction to distribution. Sturdy, strong and efficient. Providing a tailored solution for every transport need.

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  • New LF Lineup

    The New LF

    Agile, excellent accessibility, first class driving characteristics. Lots of stops and starts, fast loading and unloading: the LF does it effortlessly. 

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DAF VDL Electric

Fully electric CF truck

DAF Trucks is partnering with VDL to release a first series of CF Electric trucks into operation with leading customers in the course of this year. The vehicles feature state-of-the-art VDL E-Power Technology for zero emissions and ultra-low noise. These field test trucks will be manufactured by DAF and the full electric installation will be completed by VDL Groep, demonstrating the strong cooperation between both companies.

7% lower

What makes a winner?

In 2018, DAF won the International Truck of the Year award for the fifth time with the CF and XF. The trucks scored highest on a number of key points, setting a new standard in driveline efficiency and overall performance. By getting the maximum amount of power out of every drop of fuel, both the CF and XF are leading the way in transport efficiency.


7% lower fuel consumption


DAF 90th Anniversary Edition

To celebrate our 90th Anniversary, we're offering you a unique chance to own an exclusive, limited edition of the award-winning New XF (FTG 6x2 RHD / FT 4x2 LHD). 
This special truck comes with a unique and stylish exterior, a supremely luxurious interior and full-option specs fitted as standard. The driveline is fitted with the top-of-the-line MX-13 530 hp engine.

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